The Three Best Screenwriters of All Time

Sawyer Petrick has written the script for an episode of a web series. He has also written a script that was chosen in his school’s script reading competition. These are initial sallies in Sawyer Petrick’s quest to become a full time screenwriter.

The film and television-centered blog Vulture has curated a list of the best screenwriters of all time, as chosen by other screenwriters. It lists the three best screenwriters of all time as Billy Wilder, the Coen Brothers, and Robert Towne.

Billy Wilder won Best Adapted Screenplay for The Lost Weekend and has two awards for Best Original Screenplay: Sunset Boulevard and The Apartment. He is a survivor of the Holocaust and is known for creating morally-challenged characters who make bad choices. An example would be Jack Lemmon’s character in The Apartment who lends out his home to company bosses for sexual escapades as a way to get ahead at work. In the end, this character, Bud Baxter, makes the right choices, loses his job, but regains his integrity.

The Coen Brothers are Ethan and Joel Coen. They won Best Original Screenplay for Fargo and Best Adapted Screenplay for No Country for Old Men. The scripts they write have a detached humor and are known for ironic twists such as a criminal scoring a million dollars while dying before he can enjoy the money because of an argument over a car.

Robert Towne has written many screenplays, the most notable of which is Chinatown which won Best Original Screenplay. Aside from writing full scripts Robert Towne is also a highly regarded script doctor with notable contributions to such screenplays as The Godfather and Bonnie and Clyde. Robert Towne’s work had a huge impact on the realist movies of the 70s and is notable for getting rid of tired old movie cliches and for providing actors with good material to showcase their talent.

Academy Awards Recognize Two Screenwriting Categories

Sawyer Petrick holds a bachelor of arts in film from The New School, where he received high honors for his capstone senior screenplay, The Newsboy Racket. A New York City resident, Sawyer Petrick is working towards a career in the film and television industry. Perhaps the most prestigious awards given in the entertainment industry are the Academy Awards.

Since 1970, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has awarded Academy Awards, or Oscars, for two categories of writing: Adapted Screenplay and Original Screenplay. The Adapted Screenplay category recognizes the writer(s) of a screenplay that has been adapted from a novel, short story, play, or other work. In contrast, the Original Screenplay category honors writers who have created scripts not based on previously published material.

With 16 nominations, Woody Allen holds the record for the most nominations across screenwriting categories. Billy Wilder has been nominated for 12. In the past 50 years, five individuals have received three screenwriting Academy Awards. Notoriously, a female screenwriter had not won an Academy Award since 2007, when Diablo Cody took home the gold statue for the film Juno’s original screenplay.

The New York Giants 3 All-Time Leaders in Receiving Yards

A screenwriter based in New York City, Sawyer Petrick has written a script for the web series The Look and consulted on the feature film script The Speech. Outside of his work, Sawyer Petrick is a passionate fan of the National Football League’s New York Giants.

Sixty-eight players have recorded at least 1,000 receiving yards with the Giants since the team’s inception in 1925. Below are the team’s top three all-time leaders in that category:

1. Amani Toomer – Selected by the Giants in the second round of the 1996 NFL draft, Toomer spent his entire 13-year career with the Giants and recorded 9,497 receiving yards and 54 touchdowns. He won a Super Bowl with the team in 2007.

2. Odell Beckham Jr. – Despite playing only five seasons in New York, Beckham Jr. ranks second in team history with 5,476 receiving yards. He recorded 1,305 receiving yards in his rookie season in 2014 and was named AP Offensive Rookie of the Year. He joined the Cleveland Browns in 2019.

3. Frank Gifford – Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977, Gifford played for the Giants from 1952 to 1964, during which time he accumulated 5,434 receiving yards and 3,609 rushing yards. He played in eight Pro Bowls and won a championship with the Giants in 1956.